FESPAN  “Coffee Break” webinaari-sarja tuo saman pöydän ääreen alan experttejä jakamaan tietotaitoa ja vinkkejä sekä vastaamaan kysymyksiin kuten työnkulku, ohjelmistot, automaatio sekä kestävä kehitys. Isäntänä näissä virtuaalissa webinaareissa toimii Fespan tekninen neuvonantaja Graeme Richardson-Locke.

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FESPA Coffee Break - Tiistai 18.05. klo 13.00 (Helsinki)


FESPA Coffee Break is back for its second series! Join FESPA for its first webinar in series 2, this webinar will focus on Ensuring customer satisfaction - Focus to hit the target! This webinar will take place on Tuesday 18th May at 11.00am BST (GMT+1)

We will focus our discussion on workflow and the importance of understanding the customer expectations, and how to advise them on setting a quality target for production to achieve. We’ll consider the priorities for success, consistency, clarity, and measurement either on a job by job or workflow validation basis.

In this Coffee Break, we will be joined by two printing experts Paul Sherfield, from The Missing Horse consultancy who well known in the printing and pre-media industry as having considerable knowledge on digital workflows, with special expertise on the business reasoning behind such systems. We’ll also be joined by Craig Denis a reprographics specialist with 35 years of experience in large POS and Packaging producers from Displaycraft, St Ives Direct, and DS Smith. Craig has recently founded the Colour Den to focus on professional services in process control and 3D structural design.

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